Alexandra has been a full-figured model for over a decade and a half. It has been an honor for her to project through her work a positive role model for women of all sizes. Using her career as a vehicle, Alexandra has promoted healing by inviting people to love themselves regardless of their diversity from the beauty norm. She is a recognizable face and voice to the customer due to her involvement in a myriad of aspects of the industry. This aqua-eyed beauty can be seen on television in commercials and interviews, the runway, showrooms, in-store posters and in a plethora of catalogs and magazines domestically and internationally. She is a contributing writer for Amaze magazine, a bi-monthly fashion magazine for full-figured women. Additionally, she has interviewed designers, celebrities and models for Runwaystyles.TV and appeared as a celebrity spokesperson and fashion expert on such shows as Ricki Lake and Montel Williams. Alexandra has helped launch several fashion lines and acted as a fit and design consultant for such designers as Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne.

In the midst of talk about make-up, hair, and dressing to flatter your figure, Alexandra realized that she was espousing half-truths. There is value in those beauty secrets but there is so much more that the beauty and fashion industries aren’t addressing. She wants to expose another truth. True beauty is embodying your spirit. It is about energy. It is about self-acceptance. She strives to achieve internal wellness that reflects outward by connecting to her authentic self. Alexandra shares her path toward self-acceptance in hopes that others might recognize themselves within her story.

Thus, part of pioneering the full-figured industry for Alexandra has been motivational speaking and mentoring “at risk” youth in the New York school systems with an empowering message regarding self esteem and self acceptance. She utilizes her program, A Model’s Recipe for Happiness, comprised of 10 simple ingredients designed to enhance inner joy and connect with spirit. Also, she has worked in conjunction with health clubs in New York on self-esteem and motivational seminars. It is exciting work that brings together her backgrounds from psychology, acting, modeling, as well as being an accredited Reiki Master Teacher and Light Ascension Therapist.

Alexandra graduated from the University of Michigan with a psychology degree. Her extensive field-work experience helped foster her passion for helping others step into their power and create a better life. She played an advocacy role in several programs such as a safe-house for abused women and children, a suicide prevention hotline, an adolescent psychiatric hospital, a school for mentally challenged boys, a maximum security state prison, and an internship underneath a Psychiatrist in which she counseled her own patients.

In addition, Alexandra draws upon over ten years experience on the New York stage, television and film in order to deliver her message of redefining beauty. She stars in the short film, Plus, that premiered in New York this past summer as well as has been involved with several theater companies.

By inviting people to own and love themselves, Alexandra chooses to inspire, encourage, affirm, and celebrate the human spirit with her message.